Ensure your people are ready and prepared to implement your organization’s most ambitious goals

A common challenge for people tasked with developing a new strategy is understanding where change management fits into the process. It makes sense, because invariably when you create a new strategy, you impose a raft of changes on your organization. So, at what point in the development process should you…

Non-fiction writing practices distilled from the pages of Harvard Business Review

Non-fiction writing, much like fiction, requires structure to be effective.

In fiction, the most common structure is the three-act narrative. Act 1 is the setup where the characters and the setting are introduced. Act 2 is the midpoint where the characters encounter an incident or problem. …

Use this classic economics concept to help guide your career.

At some point in your career, you’ll face a common dilemma: do you spend your time working on your weaknesses, hustling to become a more well-rounded professional? Or do you double down on your strengths and cement yourself as an expert in your field?

Current research reveals two schools of…

If you can’t answer “where”, you’re in trouble

Location — in good times, it’s an important factor in most business decisions. With Covid-19, it has become essential — and the change is permanent.

The interests and assets of most organizations — especially those with large, global footprints — vary significantly by location. Whether it’s customer spending habits, shipping…

Matt Lewin

Management consultant and technology strategist. I write about working life and personal growth. Director at Esri Canada

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